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Wilder The Label

Wilder The Label - Willow Round Wicker - Picnic Basket


Much more than just a carry basket, the Willow round wicker picnic basket will keep your food and drinks cold with a zip up, insulated interior and a lid that can be used to serve off. It is a basket, esky and serving table/ cheeseboard lid all in one!

Feels effortless to carry around because of the gorgeous round wooden handle and lightweight construction. 

When you aren't using the Willow basket to cart around cheese & wine, it can be a timeless home decor piece and even used for storage. 

You will want to recreate the perfect movie scenery with a picnic basket that not only looks like it’s taken straight fairytale and feels natural and dreamy.

Imagine taking out your food from this elegant basket made from natural materials and sharing it with the people you love so that you can enjoy the outdoors like never before.

The Willow basket is sure to add a touch of magic to your special moments. 

New and improved version now featuring plastic lined insulation for ease of cleaning and more durable finish on the lid.

**This basket is made from natural materials such as wicker and paulownia woodThis means that there is slight variations in colouring, texture and appearance between each individual basket - making each one unique, just like you!**


Dimensions: 38cm Diameter x 35.5cm high

Handle: Additional 13cm for handle when upright

Please note that our baskets are natural products and uniquely hand crafted. Therefore the finish, size and appearance will vary slightly for each individual basket.

Gently wipe with a sponge or cloth as required