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Moses Basket: Natural

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Our Moses baskets are ethically hand woven in Ghana. Our supplier works directly with the local Ghanaian weavers and co-operatives. They are made from sun dried elephant grass & are dyed with natural non toxic, plant and mineral dyes to produce their striking colours and patterns. The handles are covered & reinforced with cured leather. 

DIMENSIONSL:80cm x W:43cm x H:25cm (from hood) approx.
Due to the hand made nature of these products please allow for some variation from basket to basket.
Your basket comes with a custom fitted mattress..Our baby moses basket mattresses are made in Australia and provide ultimate comfort and protection.

Superior support mattress, Environmentally friendly, Free of harmful chemicals, Removable cover.

The foam in this Baby Moses Basket mattress has been treated with Purify Anti-Microbial or Perma-Guard. These environmentally sound processes provide long lasting protection against Microbes, Bacteria, Dust mites & Mould & mildew.

Moses basket SAFETY

As there are no standards in Australia for Bassinets we can only recommend that they be used for supervised naps only. Moses baskets are not designed as a carrying device, remove your baby first. While the leather straps are sturdy and strong its safest not to carry your baby inside the basket.

There is no specific cut off age use for the Moses basket. We recommend safe use of them until your baby can roll over, push up or crawl. Alternatively place flat on the floor or inside your cot so there is no risk of injury should they crawl out. 

Please keep your basket away from heaters, fires, stoves, fireplaces, camp fires, open windows, water, stairs, window blinds, ANY and ALL other hazards which could cause injury. The baskets have not been sprayed with any chemical fire retardants.

Please follow the SIDS safe sleeping guidelines.