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The Name Nest

The Name Nest - Motherhood


I am a mother. in every sense of the word. i am imperfectly perfect. i laugh and i love, i cry and i scream, i protect you when you are scared, and i encourage your hopes and dreams, i may not get it right all of the time, and i know that i will have bad days, but to you my darling i promise, to love you with all of my heart and shower you in praise, for every human is on a journey, learning and growing as they go, motherhood is no exception, it is a role you must journey down to know, to become a mother was my greatest gift, a joy that comes from the bond we share, to be a mother is wonderfully exhausting, and it is also rewarding beyond compare, i am strong, i am brave, i am complicated, i am proud, i am emotional, i am amazing, i am nurturing, i am loving and i am a mother. an ode to motherhood - written by Tara Sea . the name nest

A4 Printed Artwork 

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