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The Enid Blyton Faraway Tree & Wishing-Chair Collection


A boxed-set edition of six of Enid Blyton's best books.

The Enchanted Wood

'I feel as if there are adventures about,' said Joe. 'Come on!'

When Joe, Beth and Frannie move to the country, they discover they are living next door to an Enchanted wood, where the magical Faraway Tree Grows.

When their cousin, Rick, comes to stay, Joe, Beth and Frannie can't wait to show him the Faraway Tree - the oldest, most magical tree in the world! Travel to new and exciting lands with the children and their enchanting friends, Moon face and Silky the Fairy!

The Magic Faraway Tree

'The Enchanted Wood!' said Beth softly. 'What marvellous adventures we have had there.'

Deep in the Enchanted Wood grows the Faraway Tree - the oldest, most magical tree in the world. Follow the adventures of Joe, Beth, Frannie and Rick, as they visit the exciting lands at the top of the Tree.

Meet their enchanting friends, Silky the fairy, Moon-face, the funny old Saucepan Man, Watzisname and a host of other magical characters.

The Folk of the Faraway Tree

'A land at the top of a tree!' said Connie. 'I don't believe a word of it.'

Joe, Beth and Frannie are fed up when Connie comes to stay - she's so stuck-up and bossy. But they don't let her stop them having fun with their tree-friends - Silky, Moon-Face and the Saucepan Man.

Together they climb through the cloud at the top of the Faraway Tree and visit the wonderful places there - and Connie learns to behave herself!

The Adventures of the Wishing-Chair

'Oh, Peter, to think we've got a magic chair - a wishing-chair!'

Mollie and Peter have a big secret - in their playroom is a magic wishing-chair which can grow wings and take them on flying adventures.

They rescue their pixie friend from a giant's castle, visit Disappearing Island, and go to a party at Magician Greatheart's palace!

More Wishing-Chair Stories

'Oh,' said Mollie. 'What fun it is to fly off in the Wishing-Chair again! I do so like it!'

Mollie and Peter have more amazing adventures on their Wishing-Chair.

They find gold at the end of the rainbow, meet brownies and visit the Land of Wishes. Best of all they get to help Santa Claus deliver presents for Christmas!

The Wishing-Chair Again

"Somebody's stolen the Wishing-Chair! Whatever shall we do?"

Mollie and Peter are home for the holidays. Together they have wonderful adventures, but what happens when the Wishing-Chair is stolen and then gets its wings cut off by the naughty Slipperies?