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The Dog Mum: Multi-Function Waterproof Leash: Peach



This durable multi-function leash is waterproof and can be used in 5 different ways! Perfect for quick tethering, short-leash adjustments, tandem walks, and beach adventures. 

The rubbery matte finish is easy to clean and odour resistant.  Made with a super strong flex-poly strap and alloy hardware.

1. Long Leash (165cm including length of the clipped handle)
2. Hands-Free Leash (110cm length to wear across your body, suitable for larger dogs - depending on your height. For smaller dogs we recommend tying around your waist / belt or bag to walk hands-free)
3. Tandem Walks (one leash, two dogs - attach one clip to each dog)
4. Fast Tether (easy clip handle and base for quick attachment to cafe tables or benches)
5. Half Length (clip both ends to your dog for a leash that's just 90cm length)

Our leash sizes are all the same length (180cm). The small leash is .5cm thinner (2cm wide), and our M-L leash (one size) is designed to match the size M or L collar with a 2.5cm width.