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The Big Science Activity Book


Packed with over 100 puzzles and games, The Big Science Activity Book is bursting with fun and fact-filled activities for budding young scientists.

This innovative activity book includes laboratory memory games, electricity mazes, spot-the-difference searches, odd-one-out puzzles and loads of STEM-friendly activities.

Each puzzle explores a different scientific topic and includes lots of mind-blowing facts to discover along the way.

Kids can find out about everything – from the power of magnetism to the energy that fuels our world – while enjoying the beautifully illustrated puzzles.

It's an adventure through science!

- Paperback book of 128 pages
- Ideal for solo play
- Play time of up to an hour per session is likely 
- The book is 21cm by 30cm 
- The ISBN is 9781780556949
- The book is recommended for 8 years and older