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Pool Buoy

Pool Buoy - The inflatable pool that went to design school



Pool Buoy - The inflatable pool that went to design school, here at your service to dispense splish, splash. Designed in Melbourne, Australia these inflatable non toxic and extra durable pools turn your backyard into a summer paradise. Just add water.

All of the pools are made from a NON-TOXIC heavyweight vinyl that is 6P phthalate free (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DNoP and DIDP), BPA free and lead free to ensure all the nasties are removed and they are safe for the little kiddies and the big kids alike. 

Measures 165cm x 35cm and fits 2-3 adults. 

The thicker material makes the pools more durable to ensure that we minimise any blow outs. If you do spring a leak we also have complimentary repair kits included with your pool and you can reach out to us at any time if you need a new kit.

We use high quality two way valves, one per each inflatable ring. What does that even mean? It means that you can easily inflate using the first valve and then top up the pool on the second valve which does not let air out. It also makes it easer to deflate. You will see.

The quick release drain in the bottom of the pool also makes it easy when it comes time to empty out the pool - with a healthy watering of the garden at the same time please.

You can recycle me 

Don't bin me. We've partnered with a local provider to safely recycle your pool. They have all sorts of great uses after the fun that they have provided to you. Imagine the stories they could tell shhh. For more information on this please reach out at

Safety First 
Children are adventurous and enjoy exploring their environments. They are often attracted to water but have little understanding of the danger that it poses. The physical build of young children also places them at risk as they are ‘top heavy’ and prone to falling into water due to a lack of balance

Drowning can occur quickly and silently - 20 seconds and a few centimetres of water is all it takes for a toddler to drown.

It’s not only large bodies of water, such as pools and the beach that put children at risk; baths, ponds, buckets, eskies, pet’s drinking bowls and other small bodies of water are also drowning hazards.

Eyes on the prize (the kiddies). Prepare for the unexpected. ALWAYS keep watch.
Portable Pools Safety Checklist (courtesy of

  • Check with your local council for fencing requirements 
  • Make sure you always actively supervise children within arm’s reach whenever they are in or around water 
  • Never rely on older children to supervise younger children, no matter how confident you are in their ability 
  • For smaller pools ensure that they are emptied and put away after use
  • When not in use, store the pool securely out of reach of young children
  • Ensure the pool cannot fill with rain water or water from sprinklers
  • Don’t exceed the number of adults or children the pool can safely hold 

Be Informed

Other Safety Tips

  • Never run, jump or dive into the pool 
  • Beware of slippery surfaces entering the pool 
  • Always drain the water immediately after use 
  • Always pack the pool away as soon as not in use - store this carefully and out of reach of children
  • Store the pool carefully and out of reach of children a deflated pool can be a suffocation risk
  • If using an electric pump, always inflate away from water.