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Plywood Toys Our Solar System - Interactive Wood Puzzle


Why put the world in your young person's hands when you can put the whole solar system!

In this massive, Plyful original, young people will learn the planet's names, dimensions and place in the solar system.

Each planet and its orbit is removable, place all the planets in their orbits and give them a spin!

Heck, we even included Pluto, because well, Pluto was a planet when I was a kid!


One of our biggest puzzles measuring at:

40cm x 34cm and 9mm thick and 18 pieces (and a handmade cotton bag to store all those pieces in)


If this is for someone that is your whole universe, let them know by asking us to free personalise this puzzle with their name at no cost.


Handmade with a combination of Australian sourced pine wood (ply and MDF) and coated in Western Australian beeswax.