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Miniland Towering Beads


Get ready to sort, stack and balance! This STEM learning set is designed to develop stacking, balance and fine motor skills. It also requires concentration, patience and perseverance to try and stack the beads as high as they can go without tumbling over.

The guide contains 40 activities arranged according to their level of difficulty- which makes it suitable for use in different educational levels. Perfect for all types of learners- ranging from independent learners to those with special needs requiring extra assistance. 
The set promotes eye-hand co-ordination, colour and shape recognition and logic through sequencing.
It contains 30 FSC Certified wooden beads to reduce their environmental impact.

Includes: 30 pieces and 16 activity cards.
Dimension: 23.5 cm x 24.5 cm x 8 cm
Recommended Age: 3+ years