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Bon Bola

Bon Bola - Maternity necklace and pendant


bon bola's statement pendant is a replica of an 'egg' - a conscious nod to fertility, an ode to the maternal feminine form.

handcrafted - The craftsmanship to create the desired hollow egg shape is complex and labour intensive, it is all handcrafted by the skilled hands of our silver making karigars (Hindu word for craftsmen). The 'egg' starts as two flat pieces of recycled sterling silver which are each shaped to create the desired 'egg' silhouette by a custom created mould which was fine tuned in the development process. The two 'egg' half are then soldered (joined) together, after sealing the brass chimes within. As an egg, unlike a circle, is not symmetrical in diameter the balancing act to ensure our pendant embraces all the contours of the feminine form requires utmost precision by our skilled karigars.

It is important to have a consistent thickness of the outer layer and right amount of filing inside the hollow pendant for the best sound, again being an egg shape this is a challenging task.

This egg is delicate to work with, being hollow and made from 1mm thin sterling silver, without expertise it can dent, mark and create the incorrect shape. Our egg is cared by hand throughout the whole creation process including soldering, filing & polishing and because of this handmade process it takes more time/craftsmanship to produce. This artisan approach also makes each pendant ever so unique to the mama who wears it.

the maternal nurturing chime - Inside the bon bola pendant, encloses brass balls to give the 'bola' its soothing jingle chimes. It is the familiarity of these chime jingles that are believed to help sooth & bring contentment to both mama & buba beginning from the time in the womb. The brass balls have been ethically sourced direct from Indonesia, meaning the chime sounds emitted from the pendant are similar to those heard by mamas & their bubas centuries ago from where the 'bola/harmony ball' necklaces originate from.

hand me down - Please share your bon bola with the next generation of mamas.. buy once, consume less.


100% recycled 925 pendant:

length 25.5mm / diameter 19.5mm / weight 12.75gms

Brass chimes:

weight 4.45gms