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Adinkra Designs: Dog Basket - Large


Our dogs show us unconditional love so we should do the most we can to care and provide for our adorable pets. Our woven dog baskets are spacious enough for a small to medium sized dog to stretch out his legs but cosy enough for them to curl up and feel comfortable and snug. Your dog won't be the only one who loves this dog bed as it also looks great and suits any decor style. 

Dog baskets come in 3 different sizes (sizes are approximates only due to the handmade nature of the dog basket):

Large = 75cm x 40cm x 30cm
Medium = 66cm - 74cm x 38cm x 27cm
Small = 60cm - 65cm x 37cm x 27cm

We find our dog baskets are generally suitable for a small to medium sized indoor dogs - from such dog breeds as a Maltese, Poodle, Poodle mixes, Terriers, Corgi or Cocker Spaniel. 

Our dog baskets are free from chemicals, made from natural dried grass using the same weaving technique as our Baby Moses baskets. Designed with durability in mind. These dog beds are suitable for use indoors only.

We sell the dog basket only - we hope to provide a suitable mattress to fit the dog bed in the near future.