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The DIRT on your basket

Not actual dirt, but the downlow, the facts, the info, the care advice. These beauties have journeyed across the sea all the way from Ghana. They are hand-woven by local artisans. Each basket is different, each design unique & each one just as equally as awesome as the next. Purchasing these bad boys means your supporting ethically made, fair trade, hand made & small business. Your basket is made from dried elephant grass with cured leather handles. The colours are created with natural dyes. 

Care Advice: These guys fade overtime.. its apart of thier charm but to keep your brights bright, try avoid keeping it in direct sunlight when your not using it. A little squished? Dont worry they will bounce back like a yoyo.. All you need to do is submerge it in water or give it a spray with a hose, avoid soaking the leather, then mould your basket into its desired shape and let it dry in the sun or somewhere dry. Voila!

Keep in mind: Due to their handmade nature, each basket is unique. Please allow for some variation from product to product in colour and size. Colours and shades may vary from image to image and appear different on various devices. Please take this into account when making your purchase.

Measurements (Approx & in cm):
Mini - 250(h) x 200(w) - 270(h) x 250(w)
Medium - 390(h) x 370(w)
Large - 410(h) x 390(w)
X-Large - 410(h) x 450+(w)


Moses basket SAFETY

As there are no standards in Australia for Bassinets we can only recommend that they be used for supervised naps only. Moses baskets are not designed as a carrying device, remove your baby first. While the leather straps are sturdy and strong its safest not to carry your baby inside the basket.

There is no specific cut off age use for the Moses basket. We recommend safe use of them until your baby can roll over, push up or crawl. Alternatively place flat on the floor or inside your cot so there is no risk of injury should they crawl out. 

Please keep your basket away from heaters, fires, stoves, fireplaces, camp fires, open windows, water, stairs, window blinds, ANY and ALL other hazards which could cause injury. The baskets have not been sprayed with any chemical fire retardants.

Please follow the SIDS safe sleeping guidelines.