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Curious Play

Sensory Rice



We have worked with the amazing team at Curious Play to bring you all our very own collection of sensory rice! These 250gm bags of goodness come in six different colours, Rainbow, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple and are scented with Organic Essential Oils from Rainbow Abby. 


During rice play, fine motor strength (including the pincer grip when picking up tiny grains of sand) and hand-eye coordination are developed. These are helpful for handwriting later on at school.

Curious Play Sensory Rice has been carefully dyed by hand ensuring quality and safety with all ingredients hand selected, measured and mixed from start to finish.

Warning : Choking Hazard.
This product is recommended for children aged 3 years and up. Parental guidance recommended for children likely the put this product in their mouths, as product is not for consumption.

Scents Include:

Rainbow - Mango
Pink - Rose
Blue - Blueberry
Green - Pine
Yellow - Pineapple
Purple - Cherry Blossom